Awwww MOMMY!!!

All aboard! Mother swan takes babies under her wing for trip across the pond

Mom taxi - Only a loving mother for these chicks.who make the world a beautiful place

Just a crumb please!!!

Bird wants squirrel to share – The squirrel finds a piece of bread and it heads up to a branch. While eating a little bird arrives and asks if the squirrel is willing to share.

The 7-year rule is actually way off. How old is your dog in human years then? Use this chart as a guide. If you want to dig a little deeper, follow the link for super interesting info.

How to Calculate Your Dog's Age

Dog age equals 7 years for you. Dogs mature more quickly than we do early on. So the first year of your fuzzy friend’

Solo fluffy!! Adorable baby otter

Adorable Baby Otter Does Best Stuffed Animal Impression

I would do the unthinkable and keep a wild animal in my home if it could start out as a baby otter.


A Dog, 8 Birds and A Hamster Are The Most Unusual Best Friends Ever. That Hamster is really fat. sorry hamster!

#カモ #コンビニ (Via: JK「バイト先のローソンにカルガモいっぱい来wwwたwwwww」パシャッ) あら、かわいい(〃∇〃) しかし、なぜコンビニに...^^;

Mother Duck: I bring my ducklings into this supermarket because kind people feed us in here; then we go swimming on the local pond.


sharing with a friend :).the squirrel and bird are sharing a piece of bread. So cute.

tawny-frogmouth- ガマグチヨタカの幼鳥

Friday’s Best: This Tawny Frogmouth Chick Is Really A Living, Breathing Marshmallow…