Zumba funny

Experience the fun and laughter of Zumba with these funny moments captured in videos. Join the Zumba craze and let loose while getting fit with these hilarious dance moves.
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Zumba Memes Galore!

This post is by Dana, a guest blogger on The Z Beat! Everyone loves a good Zumba meme! It’s a fun way to promote yourself as an instructor in addition to adding a little pizazz to your weekly class postings. Copy, share, post on Facebook and Instagram, and sprinkle them around! Have fun! #cough #cough I am too sick to come to work, but I will see you at Zumba class! #roses are red #violets are blue I love Zumba more than I love you #so much to do #so little time #choices #choices #choices…

Cathy Howells