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Make your little one's first birthday special with these creative ideas for celebrating a year old. From themed parties to memorable gifts, find inspiration for a memorable celebration.
An 11-year-old girl and her friend were approached by a stranger near a park when they were walking home from school. #saftey #police Mom Makeover, Kids Kiss, 8 Year Old Girl, Police Humor, Mother Daughter Relationships, Discipline Kids, Seven Years Old, Chores For Kids, Helping Children

An 11-year-old girl and her friend were approached by a stranger near a park when they were walking home from school. He told Maddison Raines that her brother had been in an accident and he had been sent to collect her. He urged her to get into his white SUV. Thinking quickly, Maddison recalled that

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Like many of us, you’ve probably watched the Harry Potter movies more than once. Or more realistically, thousands of times! But even if you’re the most eagle-eyed HP fan in the world, the genius creators behind these movies have put so many hidden clues in the movies.We’ve put together some of the biggest and best hidden Harry Potter details that you probably missed.

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Some people are just too oblivious for their own good. For example, some people think they are absolutely in the right even when the actual law and rules are against them. I have no idea how someone can be so pompous and believe they are right every time but these kinds of people exist everywhere

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From fairy tales to the real world, staying forever young has always been something that people strive for but never achieve. However, as it turns out, it just may be attainable for some lucky individuals. Chuando Tan is a 57-year-old public figure from Singapore, but we wouldn’t guess he was any older than 26. However, as cool as this sounds, having a youthful appearance comes with a price.

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BRISTOL Palin showed off the stunning new floors in her $773K Texas home. The Teen Mom alum’s fully-remodeled abode also boasts a massive patio and panoramic views. The 30-year-old has kept M…

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