Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of Yakushima. Discover breathtaking landscapes, ancient forests, and unique wildlife on this stunning island.
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Yakushima Island is full of incredible sights such as the Jomon-sugi cedar trees and Toroki Falls. This specific waterfall is unique because it falls directly into the ocean. Have you ever visited this island?~~#VisitJapan #Kagoshima #Yakushima #Waterfalls #Nature #StayInspiredTag 📸 photos #VisitJapanUS to give us permission to repost to our channels.Follow @VisitJapan.US for your daily dose of Japan!

Top 11 Spots on Yakushima Island That Photographers Have on Their Bucket List | tsunagu Japan All Nature, Green Nature, Unesco World Heritage, World Heritage Sites, Yakushima, Cedar Forest, Japanese History, Hiking Tours, Remote Island

Yakushima Island is a World Heritage Site known for its lush, unspoiled natural scenery. Photographers seeking to capture nature at its finest flock to the many remote mountains, valleys, beaches, and trails of Yakushima, where you’ll find ancient trees, otherworldly moss-covered streams, native wildlife, majestic waterfalls, and more. In this article, we’ll introduce our picks for the best spots to visit on Yakushima Island for outstanding photos.

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