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50 Relatable Memes From ‘Humorous Resources’ To Enjoy While You Pretend To Work (New Pics)

Not all representatives of Human Resources are bad guys. Just because Toby Flenderson was an evil snail doesn’t automatically make them all awful. A decent HR is an important part of a well-oiled machine that is a good workplace. Upon learning more about Jamie Jackson, the mastermind behind the account Humorous Resources across most social media platforms, you might get that she is the living proof of that.

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Work is a huge part of our lives, so it’s no wonder that people want it to be meaningful, lucrative, and—y’know—not have to spend a third of the day slaving away in a literal Misery Factory(™). Feeling underpaid, undervalued, utterly bored, and having to deal with awful managers is something that unites employees all around the globe. And there’s nothing like a bunch of good memes to prove that nobody’s ever in this alone.

Sam Harris