Wind power diy

Discover how to generate renewable energy with DIY wind power projects. Learn the basics, find inspiration, and start producing clean energy for your home.
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If you're looking for a cool alternative energy project - no doubt a very cool bonding project to share with the kids - then building this vertical axis wind turbine has got to be right up there. Just don't expect it to go powering your washing machine anytime soon (output is roughly estimated at 50 watts) - but hey, you've got to start somewhere right? The turbine is based on the use of 4 inch PVC pipes, cut in half, for the blades with the blades mounted on bicycle rims. The structure is…

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Wind Turbine DIY Tutorial How to Make: I have been thinking to make wind turbine (a large horizontal axis one) since I first published a small wind turbine video on youtube and a blog post here a few years back. That video went viral. Then I decided to make one large functional wind turb…