Weaving techniques

Explore a variety of weaving techniques to enhance your craft. Discover innovative methods and get inspired to create unique and beautiful woven pieces for your next project.
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If you've just started out weaving using the plain weave (or tabby weave that is the over/under), then you have learned a lot about weaving already! I've gathered some other weaving techniques that are built off the plain weave and an easy transition for those who just started their weaving journey. If you've only woven

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Weaving Techniques || The Best of | The Weaving Loom

Let's talk weaving techniques. I'm pulling together my “best of” weaving instructions for those that are new, might have missed one, or want something new to try. I've even made some weaving videos for some of the techniques. ||Basic techniques|| – These are the best techniques to start with if you're new to weaving.

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