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Embrace the charm of the past with vintage bike ideas. Rediscover the joy of cycling with a retro-style bike that combines classic design with modern functionality. Find your perfect ride and start pedaling in style.
Cycle Exif Top 10 of '10. | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Tricycle, Bike, Fixie Bike, Vintage Bike, Retro Bike, Bicycle Bike, Vintage Bikes, Bicycle, Cool Bicycles I have yet to make any top ten lists or anything of the sort...but there are plenty of good lists popping up to remind us of what went down this year. Cycle Exif, sibling to the motorcycle blog Bike Exif, has a solid top 10 of bikes up from the year. Adam of Cycle Exif was also kind enough to post up the bike check i did recently. Was real stoked to see that! Of their top 10 my favorite is the Townsend below...but be sure to shoot over and see…

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My favorite thing about the new office? Finally being able to ditch my car for a set of two wheels! While I still own a primary vehicle, most days you’ll spot me cruising my Mixte 3 to work and back. With downtown areas being revitalized in cities across the nation and populations moving inwards, there’s […]

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Picking the right e-bike can feel like a daunting task. How will you know if a battery-powered bike is suitable for your lifestyle—or if your fancy new purchase will simply end up gathering dust in your garage? Here at Bluejay Bikes, we want to make sure you’re armed with all the information you need to feel confident in your bicycle purchase, which is why we’ve created this highlight of the pros and cons of electric bikes. Feel free to analyze each point and compare it to what your…

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