The faceless

Delve into the enigmatic world of The Faceless and uncover the secrets behind their haunting music. Explore their discography and immerse yourself in their dark and atmospheric soundscapes.
Strange, surreal portraits made from found photographs, food, insects and everyday objects | Dangerous Minds Collage, Art Photography, Portrait, Vintage, Ink, Surrealism, Faceless Men, Faceless Portrait, Artist

For this recipe you’ll need some bean sprouts, one fish-head, a tablespoon of popcorn, one butterfly, some seeds, half-a-dozen seashells, some buttons, a watch and two dozen photographs found in an old flea market. Susana Blasco admits to having the soul of a sailor . She also owns up to being an artist, graphic designer, illustrator and razor sharpener. Susana has designed book covers, album covers, posters and all the other things graphic designers do. She also makes rather fabulous and…

The Curse of the Faceless Woman Urban, Portrait, Gothic Aesthetic, The Faceless, Victorian, Myths, Spirit Halloween, Character Tropes, Victorian Clothing

Lost in time, this story is told, about a woman, dark and bold. She walks the streets on a foggy night, with a hood on her head to hide from sight. Her story starts one summer’s eve, beside the lake an evil deed. A thief stole her daughter’s life, and filled her soul with pain ... Read more

Andrea Christian