Thai Massage

Experience the ancient healing art of Thai massage and indulge in a blissful state of relaxation. Discover top techniques and benefits of Thai massage for a revitalizing experience.
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Stretching is an innate behaviour built into humans and other mammals - just take a look at a young baby or your pet cat stretching without ever needing to have learnt it. However as adults we don't stretch nearly as often as we could (or should), and considering that it's completely free and feels so good, we should be setting aside some time every day to do it! But as well as simple daily stretches that we can do on our own, there are massage practices such as Thai Massage, Passive Stretch…

Alexandra Omelchenko
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Experience Authentic Thai Massage in the Heart of Exeter, Devon. Cicely has trained & Qualified as a Thai Massage Therapist at Wat Po Thai Traditional Medical School. She has also combined it with her knowledge of Yoga. Thai massage is a 3000 year old folk art & healing modality. It uses simple procedures to rapidly eliminate both physical and emotional dis-ease .

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