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Discover innovative methods and techniques to teach music that will inspire and engage your students. Enhance their musical skills and foster a lifelong love for music with these top ideas.
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Lego is such a brilliant toy! Teachers often use it to teach maths and so it’s also an excellent way to teach rhythm and notation with these lego beats music manipulatives. How To Use Lego Music Manipulatives Younger children find the chunky ‘Duplo’ easier to manage so it’s best to start off […]

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We've all been there: one class is ahead of the rest of the grade level, it's the last day before a vacation, you're stressed/ tired/ sick and can't think straight to teach a regular lesson, it's a weird schedule day and the kids are spinning in circles, there's a last-minute change and you can't do the lesson you had planned... Whatever the reason, we all have days when we need to step out of our regularly-scheduled sequenced curriculum and do something different for one class period. Sure…

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Teaching Rhythm vs Beat? This song collection is AWESOME for teaching, and kids love it! Click through for the free music!

Choosing songs to teach from in the music room can be tricky business. For one thing, there are an infinite number of songs from which to choose. You can easily put your head down to think of one song to use in a lesson only to look up hours later with stacks of books and binders next to

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Needing a music activity for kids? I've got you covered in this blog post, so, get ready! We are going to cover some music composing activities, music activity worksheets, and music composition website selections used in the music classroom. Make sure to check out the free materials throughout the blog post and let me know how it turns out in your music classroom! MUSIC LISTENING AND RESPONDING ACTIVITYOne of my favorite things I love to do with my students at the beginning of the year is to…

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