Storing food long term

Discover effective methods and techniques for storing food long term to ensure its freshness and quality. Learn how to properly preserve and store different types of food to be prepared for any situation.
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Food and water are essential to navigate emergencies, anything from a job loss to societal collapse. Learn how to create a solid long-term food stockpile plan. Download a 1-year food storage list pdf for reference. #emergencypreparedness #foodstorage #emergencyfood #foodstoragelist #foodstockpile

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When you walk into your local Costco or Wal-Mart, it’s hard to imagine food shortages ever being an issue, but our food supply is much more fragile than you think. A natural disaster, devastating economic crisis, or even war can

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Cooking oils and fats are really useful items to have in your prepper’s pantry. As with anything in a prepper’s pantry, the big question is can they be stored long term? The answer really depends on how you store it. Cooking oil and fat can be stored for several years if stored correctly. They will not, however, last anywhere near as long if not stored well. Click the link to read more about how to store cooking oils and fats for a long time. #preppers #prepping #homestead #preparedness

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