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Transform your space into a mesmerizing night sky with these starry ideas. Discover the best ways to add a touch of magic to your surroundings and enjoy the beauty of a starry night.
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Title: The Milky Way Shooting Star . . . Ever since I was a kid I’ve always had a fascination for the stars. Especially during summer time in Texas. That’s when the Milky Way is most visible. Unfortunately nowadays the stars aren’t as visible as when I was a kid. So, for this shot we had to drive about two hours out into West Texas. (We even got to cross the Pecos River.) We parked on the top of a hill and were able to catch this shot with what looks like a shooting star crossing the sky…

Thomas Ware
Terra Wandering in the Sky - Photo by neatmummy Night Skies, Sky, Nature, Sky Night, Sky Full Of Stars, Sky Full, Night Stars, Starry Sky, Starry Night

View On Black Yay, this appeared to be my third front page explore! =) I saw the satellite in the photo also with my bare eyes during the exposure. At home I did a quick search and according to my location, the time stamp, flying path and direction of the object I can say that it is a multi-national NASA scientific research satellite named: Terra. For those who are interested, I can recommend the site: Just fill in your location and you'll get the data of visible…

Bruce Claypool