Sight word a activities

Enhance your sight word 'A' teaching with these fun and interactive activities. Help your students master this essential word with creative games and exercises.
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Sight Word IN Worksheet

Understanding how graphemes map to phonemes is essential for learning to read. Page 1. Ask the child to read the word IN three times. Orthographic mapping. Ask the child to say the sounds in the word IN and place a chip in a box for each sound. Ask the child to write the letters that make each sound under the boxes. Ask him to use green for a predictable spelling pattern and red for an unusual one. Ask the child to read the word IN and slide the finger across the arrow as you read it. Ask…

Surbhi Gajjar
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Dab It! Sight Words – Make Take & Teach 62F

Who knew that using bingo dabbers can make learning sight words so much fun? This game requires no prep other than to copy the game boards on paper and it’

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