Self massage

Learn self massage techniques to relieve tension, reduce stress, and improve overall well-being. Discover the benefits of self massage and start pampering yourself today.
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Self-care Treatments To Try At Home

In stressful times, it's more important than ever to create time for self-care. Not only is managing stress important for your mental health, it can be beneficial to your physical health as well. To set you on the path to wellness, we’ve compiled seven mini treatments to try at home. Practice one of these rituals a day — or mix and match — to enhance your overall health and well-being:

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Japanese Shiatsu Self-Massage Techniques for Pain Relief and Relaxation | Top 10 Home Remedies

“Bodywork” is an alternative medicine technique that promotes relaxation through muscle and joint stimulation, breathing exercises and several massage techniques to instill a healing energy throughout the body. Shiatsu is a form of Japanese bodywork that is characterized by applying comfortable pressure using your fingers to knead, press, stretch and tap certain points on the […]

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Full body self-massage guide / Self Ceremony for uncertain times.

A full body massage or Abhyanga (the Ayurvedic practice of self-massage) is a fantastic way to give love to yourself, reconnect with you body and ground yourself in the present moment. Try these techniques, starting at your head and ending with your feet, but then find a massage routine that resonates with you. This is about pausing to tune into your body, then listening and responding to its needs.

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Buccal Massage

Lisa Jenkins on Instagram: "Self buccal massage 🤍 Give it a go and tell me how it feels below 👇🏻 #buccalmassage #intraoralmassage #selfbuccalmassage #tmjrelief #freeyourjaw #relaxyourjaw #jawtensionrelease #relaxyourjaw #tensionheadaches #facialistberkshire #buccalmassageberkshire #readingfacials #dentistberkshire"

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