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Explore the hidden world of the Secret Service and uncover the truth behind their covert operations. Discover fascinating insights into the role and responsibilities of this elite agency.
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The DNA of a Secret Service Agent (Infographic)

New threats everyday requires Secret Service Special Agents to live each moment ready for the worst case scenario. Perhaps that’s why <1% of the population will ever become part of the elite law enforcement group.

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Secret Service Seeking New Rifle -

The Department of Homeland Security’s United States Secret Service Has released a Request for Proposals solicitation for a new 5.56x45mm carbine. The Secret Service are offering a five year Indefinite Quantity/Indefinite Delivery (IQ/ID) contract, this however, has a lifetime quantity ceiling of 3,900 rifles with a guarantee of a minimum order of 500 rifles. The individual order quantity during the … Read More …

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Secret Service agents behaving badly has an encore performance

The US Secret Service has had a rough time of late. Just last week, three agents were sent home from a trip to The Netherlands after one agent was found passed out in the hall. Another incident in Miami a few weeks before led to two agents being given sobriety tests on the side of the road. All of this comes in the shadow of a 2012 incident where agents were accused of patronizing prostitutes in Colombia.