Seaside house

Escape to your dream seaside house and enjoy the breathtaking views and calming sounds of the ocean. Explore top ideas to create a tranquil and stylish retreat by the beach.
Coolidge Point House Cliffside is a 7,600-square-foot home perched on a cliff in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts. Although entirely new construction, the Coolidge Point house was designed and built to evoke the grandeur of historic seaside mansions. The new design borrowed various architectural elements, such as the turret, from an old home that had once stood on its site, resulting in a stunning blend of traditional aesthetics and modern building practices. Old Houses, Architecture, Cliff House, Cottages By The Sea, House By The Sea, Cottage By The Sea, House, House Near The Sea, Victorian Homes

For centuries, home builders have been drawn to sites on mountaintops, craggy coastlines, and rock islands to take advantage of the climate, natural resources, and dramatic scenery. Although houses built on cliffs might appear to be precariously perched, a good architect will ensure that sound engineering practices keep the structure firmly planted on solid ground. Here are our favorite cliffside dwellings with the most enjoyable views!

Tina Socarras