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Explore the incredible career of Scatman Crothers, from his iconic roles to his musical talents. Learn more about this legendary actor and be inspired by his passion for entertainment.
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Scatman Crothers, Actor born

Scatman Crothers, an African American actor and musician, was born on this date in 1910. Born in Terre Haute, IN, Benjamin Sherman Crothers (his name at birth) was the son of a cobbler at the age of 14 he began to teach himself to play the drums and guitar. Soon he got a job entertaining customers at one of the local speakeasies, and at the age of 19, he and his brother, Louis, moved to Indianapolis to find work as entertainers.

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Scatman Crothers - Oh Yeah!

Scatman Crothers' musical background : By the age of 15 Crothers had taught himself enough to be playing in one of the local bars of Terre Haute frequented by Chicago gangsters, including Al Capone, looking to lie low. After time spent touring the with bands such as Montague's Kentucky Serenaders and Eddie Brown and His Tennesseans, Scatman Crothers spent some of the 1930s on the road with his own band. It was while performing in Ohio, in 1936, that Crothers met Helen Sullivan, from nearby…

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