Sailboat restoration

Restore your sailboat to its former glory with these expert tips and ideas. Discover how to bring new life to your sailboat and get back on the water.
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After buying our boat, we quickly realized there are two types of boat owners: 1. The type with money who pays for any repairs or renovations they need 2. The type that cannot afford to throw endless money at a hobby and likes to get their hands dirty and DIY everything. As I'm sure you can guess, we fall into the second category.Being a designer who has never owned more than the furniture inside our apartment, I couldn't WAIT to get started on completely redecorating the cabin (the…

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After trying to come up with various ways to make the boat feel bigger and brighter (more hatches, LED lighting, mirrors) we finally decided to go ahead and break one of the biggest taboos in the sailing world - PAINT THE INTERIOR!

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When you move aboard a boat, or into any small space, storage becomes an issue. Here are 12 space saving items you need if you live in a small space.

Annka Mikalsen
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A former charter yacht chef share tips for organizing your boat’s galley and cooking on board. There's never enough counter space. Marine refrigeration tips. Cooking with propane. Why gimbaled stove with moveable fiddles, pressure cooker, coffee thermos, yogurt strainer and… dog bowls are essential for cooking and eating on the boat. Cruising recipe: frying pan bread.

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