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Discover the joys of living on a sailboat and embrace a life of adventure on the open waters. Explore top ideas for creating a comfortable and functional living space on your sailboat.
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Discover 20 boat organization ideas that will help you save time, find things when and where you need to find them, and reduce the likelihood of problems. The first step with boat organization and storage is to understand what should and should not be on the boat in the first place. 1. Start with understanding priorities and having realistic expectations Unlike living in a house where there’s often ample room for all sorts of stuff, there’s limited space on a boat. This space is reserved for…

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My husband and I began to reevaluate our future plans when I was unexpectedly downsized from a corporate career. We’d always enjoyed weekend sailing trips noopener target="_blank">business-casual wardrobeIt’s no secret that housing costs and rents are increasing. A plus of sailboat life is that they’re surprisingly affordable compared to many houses — a good starter size for novices may be 32 to 38 feet in length, depending on how cozy you want to be.

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Living onboard a small boat means sacrificing some of the creature comforts you enjoy on land, and this is especially true when downsizing from a large kitchen to a small boat galley. However, these essential galley items will make sailboat liveaboard life much easier and more delicious.

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With limited energy and limited space, living onboard a small sailboat for a year was kind of like camping—we had very few creature comforts, however, these 10 essential items can be used on any boat and will make your life onboard more sustainable, comfortable, and enjoyable.

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How Much Does it Cost to Live on a BOAT ?! Are you thinking about living a more unconventional life on the open ocean? Are you celebrating retirement by buying a boat and sailing away? Or are you just curious how much it cost to live on a boat? This article is here to tell […]

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