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Discover stylish and elegant riding habit ideas to elevate your equestrian style. Find the perfect outfit that combines fashion and functionality for your horseback riding adventures.
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At long last, the riding habit is revealed! I hope it's not anti-climactic!. It was a LOT of work, even though it looks rather plain. Tailoring is... an entirely different beast from dressmaking! Different techniques, different stitches. Mike and I had a complete mis-communication over something because what he told me to do means two different things to tailors and mantua-makers! I will probably do a separate construction post, although I don't have too many construction pics. They are on…

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During the Costume Design course I took at ifs Cologne in 2014/2015, probably my favourite class was the costume reproduction class. My 8 classmates and me each picked a (historical) movie that centered around the topic of love triangles and chose a costume from it to reproduce. The movie I ended up choosing was "The Duchess", directed by Saul Dibb and starring Keira Knightley in the lead. I chose it for one because I LOVE 18th century fashion, that has been my favourite silhouette for...

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The Antique Sewist: 1750 Riding Habit - Waugh Diagram XXXI Outfits, Colonial, Vintage Fashion, Costumes, Rococo, Victorian Dress, 18th Century Costume, Coat, 18th Century Women

Pattern: Norah Waugh diagram XXXI, "Riding Coat 1750-70. Victoria & Albert Museum." Fabric: Wool, medium coat weight. Color best described as a heather lavender? Lavender shot through with gray. Black cotton poplin for petticoat. White heavy weight linen for lining. Black cotton crochet thread for Dorset buttons. Available on Etsy HERE Available on ebay HERE Alterations: I added mariner's cuffs, which are not part of the Waugh pattern but are part of one of the suspected extant coats (see…