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Orion with his Dogs- The Dog Stars are Sirius in the constellation Canis Major, and Procyon in the constellation Canis Minor. Daniel McVeypeg

The Dog Star, Sirius, is easy to spot because it's the sky's brightest star. Procyon - the other Dog Star - is near its brighter brother on the sky's dome.

June 2019 - The Blue Budha

This powerful total solar eclipse will be visible in South America and South Pacific area, but its energy will have a big impact on the whole planet. A solar eclipse is just like a regular new moon where the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun. However, a solar eclipse is more powerful because the [...]

Procyon Starseeds | The Starseeds Compass

Procyon starseeds will bring in new forms of technology and social reform that will catalyze the ascension of the physical world.

The Winter Circle is not a constellation.  It's a lot of separate in stars in different constellations - and an easy-to-see pattern at this time of year.

Go outside, and look for the waxing gibbous moon tonight. Then notice the stars nearby. Tonight's moon is within the Winter Circle stars.

Christmas Tree Cluster & Cone Nebula | by Procyon Systems

To appropriately start out the holiday season, we bring you The Christmas Tree Cluster, also known as NGC 2264. This is a grouping of young stars and gaseous nebula. The "tree topper" at the top is the Cone Nebula, a lane of obscuring dust in front of the bright emission nebula. This photogenic group lies in the constellation of Monoceros, 2600 light-years from Earth. Image Info: Canon 60D with an Astronomik CLR LPR filter, mounted on the 120mm F/5 Refractor, riding on the KPO Reflector. 20…

In astronomy, Cetus is the name of a constellation that lies on the celestial equator, just south of the constellation of Aries. Also known as 'The Whale'. Cetus refers to the name of the sea monster in Greek Mythology that was sent by Poseidon (Neptune) to kill Andromeda, but was killed by Perseus. One of Cetus' star systems, Tau Ceti, is inhabited by a humanoid, Lyran Caucasian race (of 'Blonds').

In astronomy, Cetus is the name of a constellation that lies on the celestial equator, just south of the constellation of Aries.


La imagen no es de gran resolución , pero dice mucho , es una imagen desde la perspectiva de una sonda japonesa que se acerca a la Tierra y desde la distancia vemos a ambos compañeros de viaje alrededor del Sol , y es la perspectiva de la distancia real que hay entre la Tierra y la Luna , y lo que es visible es la diferencia de albedo entre la Luna y la Tierra , la Luna es mas oscura , la Tierra no solo tiene mas albedo porque es mas grande que su compañera de viaje , sino también porque…