Prank text messages

Want to have some fun? Explore our collection of hilarious prank text messages that are guaranteed to make your friends and family burst into laughter. Start pranking now and enjoy the priceless reactions!
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40+ Funniest Texts Ever Sent

We all like to think that we are hilarious texters. Sure, we’ve fired off the occasional comedic gem that’s left us feeling like we should have found our real home on SNL.But really, some people bring their A-game when it comes to hilarious messages—and sometimes it’s not even on purpose. We’ve collected 50 of the funniest texts that have ever been sent.

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< 6 lcan't sleep There'sjust so many important questions going on in my head ls the S or C silent in the word scent? I! you drop soap on lhe floor is It dirty or is lha floor clean? How come our noses…

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