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Explore a collection of photography projects that will ignite your creativity and push your artistic boundaries. Get inspired to capture stunning images and take your photography skills to the next level.
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Are you in need of some new photography project ideas? Here are 15 ideas to improve your photography, kick start your creativity and document your days! If you have been shooting for a few years like myself, it can start to feel like you are simply photographing the same things,

Michelle Hamon
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If you'd like to better document your everyday story and brush up on your photography skills while you're at it, here's a list of photography projects to inspire you and motivate you this year!

WHAT IS GOOD FOR YOU, share with those you feel will appreciate
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Welcome back for another creative challenge! If you are new to the blog, every month for 2017 I have been posting a photography project / creative exercise for you to do. There is only a couple of months left , but come back again on the first Tuesday of December for your FINAL a

Laura Clatworthy
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I’ve loved taking photos ever since I was a child and I got my first basic point and shoot film camera. But there are still those times when my creativity dries up and I feel completely uninspired, with no motivation to even pick up my camera. When this happens and I want to get my […]

Dorian Kent
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Photography has many tips and tricks of the trade used both by amateurs and famous photographers - the many uses of light, perspective, darkness, exposure, and many other bits are what makes beautiful pictures. All of that wouldn't come to one unified look without shadows though as they are what gives the image depth or in some cases, changes the view entirely. Also, they're free, they're everywhere, and there's no limit to what you can do with them if you have the know-how.

August King
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I've been feeling a little blocked creatively of late - it's something that always happens when I am feeling particularly busy or overwhelmed, and picking up my camera can feel more like a chore. At times like these, or just when you feel you need a little push to try something new, &n

Teri Le

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