Oval Nails

Get a chic and stylish look with oval nails. Discover trendy nail designs and techniques to enhance your overall style and make a fashion statement.
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What are your nails, if not little canvases for you (or your nail technician) to fill with designs, colors, and tiny little artworks? Yeah, you might say they’re here to physically shield your fingertips from constant smushing, but we say they’re there to be painted and looked at in awe. After all, nothing lifts up your mood better than a fresh mani.

Christina Petrou
The 5 Best Nail Shapes For Fat Fingers - Lauren Erro Types Of Nails Shapes, Wide Nail Bed Shape Manicures, How To Shape Nails, Types Of Nails, Fat Hands Nails Shape, Toe Nail Polish, Natural Oval Acrylic Nails, Natural Looking Acrylic Nails, Different Nail Shapes

This post has the best nail shapes for fat fingers. Having fat fingers is perfectly normal and there is nothing wrong with it at all! Most of the pictures of hands or nails that we see online don't correctly depict what is normal (and most pictures are photoshopped!). I was blessed with my dad's hands

Arlinda Craft

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