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Heat stored in the Pacific Ocean could be a ticking climate time bomb (Photo: Shutterstock) Sea And Ocean, Pacific Ocean, The Sea, Rough Seas, Blue Aesthetic Pastel, Ocean Vibes, Calm Water, Global Warming, Mares

Though a pause in global warming since 2001 has created something of a paradox for climate scientists, a new study suggests the stabilizing of air temperatures is a result of abnormally strong east to west trade winds, causing warmth to be stored temporarily beneath the western Pacific ocean.

Betrayed by the Elves: A Percy Jackson and Keeper of the Lost Cities Crossover Water Waves, Sea Waves, Ocean Waves Art, Sea And Ocean, Ocean Beach, Ocean Sunset, All Nature, Beautiful Nature, Beautiful Girls

They met, they befriended, and they clashed. Another ragging war, who will win? Will it be the betrayed or the betrayers? But.... not all things might be what they seem.... All characters belong to Shannon Messenger and Rick Riordan If you copy or write of us, plz tell us so we can read your story.