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This is a modern villa design in India. The client wants us to have a amazing villa with a lot of terraces and a great entrance with an awesome landscape. We tried so hard to do a unique design and make it dreamy.

Nick Omega
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Completed in 2019 in Los Angeles, United States. Images by Kevin Scott. This single-family residence was designed to meld together indoor and outdoor programs through tethered courtyards and gardens. The airy Venice Beach...

Gail Waetje
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Kelardasht has been considered by building mansions and villas due to its special climate and topographical features. Overcrowding and the tendency of people to stay away from urban spaces have led to construction in relaxing mountainous areas. Karisman villa has responded to the needs of today's humans with a modern adaptation of the local roofs (Shalleh) and its change.

Cristofer Dorante
‎Architect | Milad Eshtiyaghi | ميلاد اشتياقي‎ on Instagram: "Concrete House Architect: @miladeshtiyaghi Would you live here?"

‎Architect | Milad Eshtiyaghi | ميلاد اشتياقي‎ on Instagram: "Concrete House Architect: @miladeshtiyaghi Would you live here?"

Jaime Plaatjes
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Modernist architecture has the best public relations managers since the name itself evokes notions like “contemporary” or “current,” while brutalism sounds like a metal band struggling to create an adjective. While quite recent, modernism isn’t defined by being “new,” rather, it’s a design philosophy that celebrates experimentation and rejects rules.

Dv Harsha Vardhan