Mini pine cones

Discover unique and creative ideas to incorporate mini pine cones into your home decor. From wreaths to centerpieces, explore how you can add a natural and rustic touch to your space.
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Mini Pine Cone Kissing Ball Ornament is part of our design team work with Make It Fun crafts. All opinions and craftiness are our own! I know, I hear ya... "Bonnie, it is only October!". Give me a second to explain myself. See, actually Christmas will be here before you know it. It just has a way

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Find out exactly how to prepare your pine cones for indoor use in this post. No bleach, no vinegar. No waiting for days before you can use them! Don't miss the ONE THING you need to do to use pine cones inside!

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Fall and winter are the most festive time of the year with lots of celebrations. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are all in this period and due to cold weather, people love to host various home parties. These days are also the best for spending time at home. So you can turn this into a win-win

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