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Explore a collection of rare and unseen Michael Jackson pics that will take you on a journey through the King of Pop's iconic career. Get a glimpse into his life and music with these captivating images.
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A book containing mini series, short stories and one shots of your relationship with the King of Pop, himself. As you read along, I'd like for you all to visualize each imagine. By doing so, I'll know that my mission to have a successful book will be fulfilled. Enjoy! ♡ {Created March 29th, 2015} 2k16 MJFA's Finalist 2k17 MJFA's Finalist/Winner Copyright ©

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1. After Michael Jackson's hair was accidentally set on fire during the shooting of a Pepsi commercial in 1983, he chose not to sue but instead asked Pepsi to fund the creation of a burn center. #michaeljackson #mj #popular #famous #celebrity #didyouknow #interesting #fascinating #wtffact #awesome #singer #band

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