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Delve into the legendary Bad era of Michael Jackson and discover the timeless music, groundbreaking dance moves, and unforgettable performances that defined his career.
Stay With Me || MJ Fanfiction (18+) *Completed* - Chapter Twenty- Eight - Wattpad Drake, Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson Bad Tour, Michael Jackson Bad Era, Michael Jackson Bad, Michael Jackson Smile, Michael Jackson Wallpaper, Michael Jackson Hot, Michael Jackson Pics

"Michael I don't think this was right. I am a married woman." "Yeah to a man that doesn't love you, let me love you!!" Lena Waters had just moved into Brooklyn, New York. A good job, a beautiful home and life was good except for one thing... Her Husband is abusive. What happens when she ends up meeting her neighbor, Michael Jackson? Warning the following is Rated for (18+ Only) ⚠️Abusive Scenes ⚠️Drug Abuse ⚠️Graphic Sex Scenes ⚠️Language Read at your own Risk, You have been Warned!

Samantha Engles
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This is just another book filled with adventures between you Michael Jackson himself! Some will be naughty and some will be nice. Most will be written as Y/n. If you have any requests, feel free to pm me. Other than that, enjoy! ✨ 2021 MJSSA Finalist - Best Imagines ✨ ✨ 2021 MJFA Winner - Best Short Story - Your Love So Complete ✨

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