Metal embossing

Explore the art of metal embossing and discover creative ideas for DIY crafts. Add texture and dimension to your projects with these metal embossing techniques.
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Embossing tools are used with pewter, copper, aluminum, and other malleable soft metals. Tools include mark-making tools and texture or pattern wheels, popular with metal embossing. The texture/pattern wheels are perfect for use with Polymer clay too.

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Embossing Metal Using the Vintaj Big Kick   Matchsticks Componenants Metallica, Stamping, Emboss, Metal, Die Cut Machines, Embossing Machine, Metal Embossing, Sizzix, Machine

Today let's take a look at a fun and easy way to emboss metals using the Vintaj Big Kick. This was the first machine I used to add texture to metals. The Big Kick is a table top machine made for the purpose of embossing and etching (impressing) metal. Vintaj embossing folders. Embossing creates a raised image on one side and a recessed image on the opposite side of the metal. Vintaj etching plates. Vintaj refers to these plates as etching plates but I prefer to call them impression plates…

Maylene Seaton