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Unleash your inner warrior with these incredible mech suit ideas. Discover how to conquer any battle and become the ultimate machine.
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Trevor Claxton is senior concept artist at Riot Games. Mainly self-taught, he has worked in the industry for seven years, on titles such as Incognito Entertainment’s Warhawk, CCP Games‘ EVE Online and Dust 514 and Epic Games‘ Gears of War: Judgment. He has also worked on illustrations for book covers and Magic: The Gathering cards […]

Kait Mahl
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Age of mankind has been threatened by the robot insurgency. After a few decades, central AI goes out of function due to lacking human handling on its maintenance, and people come out from their hidings to take over the power vacuum. Those who were in bunkers, raider brigands and military remnants. They now vie for the control over the now defunct AI node so they will be the new master of this world. Been sketching and exploring for couple of months. Let's see where this goes.