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Unlock your potential and become a leader with The Leader in Me program. Discover how this proven method empowers students to develop essential leadership skills for success in school and beyond.
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I am so excited for next school year. After four awesome years in second grade, I found out that I will be moving back to first grade... YAY! But with great news comes great responsibility. So now I get to spend my summer updating all my classroom posters and decor to be first grade friendly. Since we are launching our Leader In Me curriculum next school year, I decided to start there. I updated the posters I made as an introduction to the 7 Habits last school year for my second graders…

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A few weeks ago I shared how I broke up with my beloved clip chart, started using “Class Dojo” AND began implementing the program, “The Leader in Me“. You can read all about that fun here… It’s now almost 3 weeks later, we’re still going strong with “Class Dojo” and “The Leader in Me“. I […]