Lavender color

Add a touch of elegance to your home decor with beautiful lavender color. Discover top ideas to incorporate this soothing hue into your living spaces and create a serene atmosphere.

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The Fairy Rosette color palette captures the essence of a blossoming spring garden · where rich and warm saturated hues of purple intertwine with the delicate embrace of rose · Color Palette · Color · Lilac · Purple · Rose · Spring · FHI Cotton TCX · PANTONE 15-3620 TCX Lavendula · PANTONE 16-1518 TCX Rosette · PANTONE 17-3640 TCX Fairy Wren · PANTONE 19-3632 TCX Petunia · FHI Polyester TSX · PANTONE 17-2523 TSX Rose Bouquet

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Confidence colludes with strong hues with ISPO TEXTRENDS Core color palette taking on a strong distinctive base, complemented by four contrasting satellite palettes. The ISPO TEXTRENDS Spring/Summer 2022 color trends launched under the overall inspiration of the rehumanizing mood. There is a move towards a new soft and kind appeal that still has vigor, as […]