Kindergarten sight words list

Help your child become a confident reader with this essential kindergarten sight words list. Discover the most important words to practice and master for reading success.
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A printable fry word list is an essential tool for primary school teachers. It provides them with a convenient resource to help their students learn and recognize high-frequency words.

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Preschool printable kindergarten sight words provide parents with a fun and beneficial tool to boost childrens literacy development at home. This valuable resource encourages sight word recognition skills and reading fluency through interactive activities and games.

Nancy Hernandez
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It dawned on me, once I saw that someone had pinned an old sight word checklist I made, that I should upload the new one. As one of my grade level team teachers say "it's the pretty one." Haha. So, here you go, the "Pretty Sight Word List." This is a complete checklist of ALL the Kindergarten words. I teach them by lists (which is part of my Sight Words Unit on TpT) and these words are organized by the lists. Grab the checklist . Our Kindergarten classes like to challenge each other to who…

Stacey Metz