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Get ready to laugh with the funniest moments of Jungkook. Discover hilarious videos and photos that showcase Jungkook's playful side and bring a smile to your face.
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" I love you tae" "THATS YOUR PROBLEM BABY GIRL" " means.. " "DON'T FORGET WHO YOU ARE" "the time we spent together doesn't mean anything to you" "YOU ARE JUST MY SEX TOY" " ahh is it then I think you have find someone else I am quitting " "HAHA BABY GIRL DO YOU FORGET OUR CONTRACT THE COMPENSATION IS HIGH I DOUBT IF YOU CAN PAY IT OR NOT" " Ahhh don't worry I will find another sugar daddy I think I can get huge amount depending on my body" " PARK JIHA DON'T YOU DARE DO THAT ARE YOU…

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