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Immerse yourself in the world of John Wayne with these must-watch movies. From iconic westerns to action-packed adventures, explore the best of John Wayne's filmography.

Neatorama presents a guest post from actor, comedian, and voiceover artist Eddie Deezen. Visit Eddie at his website or at Facebook.He was, quite probably, the most popular and beloved movie star of them all. More than that, he was an American icon- ranking with Washington, Lincoln and Davy Crockett.John Wayne's last film was to be The Shootist. Actual figures vary because Wayne did so many obscure films early in his career, but it was around his 175th film. Co-starring Ron Howard and Lauren…

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Chris Mitchum wound up good-naturedly sparring with John Wayne in three westerns filmed consecutively in Mexico — “Chisum,” “Rio Lobo,” and “Big Jake.” Fifty years later Robert Mitchum's youngest son examines the Duke.

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