Japanese new year

Experience the vibrant traditions and festivities of Japanese New Year. Discover unique customs, delicious food, and exciting events to make your New Year celebration unforgettable.
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The lunar new year is known as Chinese new year, and it is normally celebrated around late January to sometime in February. This year it is on the 25th of January 2020 ( depends on the country ). In most of the Asian countries, people celebrate the lunar new year. All most all the Asian countries celebrate it, but

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Time seems to pass way too quickly sometimes – it’s already the end of the year again! Japan and particularly Tokyo is a great choice to visit for a New Year’s trip. The culture surrounding New Year’s is probably vastly different in Japan from what you’re used to. While it is celebrated on December 31rd, like in the West, you won’t find many people heading out for crazy partying. Instead, New Year’s is a family festival where people have time off to go to their hometown, visit their family, and Barbie, Tokyo, Tokyo Tower, Japan Travel, Japan Aesthetic, Japanese New Year, Newyear, Happy New Year Japanese, Anime City

New Year's Eve in Tokyo is a culturally unique event, distinct from Western-style celebrations. As the year ends, Tokyo emerges as a prime destination for those eager to delve into Japanese New Year traditions. Unlike the lively parties often seen in the West on December 31, Tokyo's New Year's Eve is more about family gatherings, hometown visits, and traditional customs. Even though many Tokyo shops close early on this day, the city still buzzes with enjoyable shopping and festive…

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