Japanese gift wrapping

Discover unique and artistic ways to wrap your gifts with the traditional Japanese gift wrapping technique. Make your presents stand out with these creative ideas.
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Art, in all its many forms is around you and all you need to do is look for it to find something new. This is true for those who possess the artistic way of looking at things. In fact, blessed are those who can find something pretty and worthy of appreciation in everything they come across. If you are one of those who go to the beach and find shell, a gift from the sea is one of the artworks of nature, then you will appreciate what this article is all about. We are talking about making…

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All you need is wrapping paper to create a simple and beautiful present. This Japanese gift wrapping trick will show you how to wrap a gift without tape. Ready to have your mind blown? You don’t need tape to wrap or ribbon the perfect present. We know, we didn’t believe it either until we watched

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