Hiro big hero 6

Discover the adventures of Hiro and his friends in the action-packed movie Big Hero 6. Join Hiro on a journey of bravery and friendship as he becomes a hero to save the day.
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This page is for Hiro Hamada, the protagonist from Disney's Big Hero 6 franchise. For other versions of the character, see Hiro (disambiguation). Hiro Hamada (浜田 (はまだ) 尋 (ひろ) , Hamada Hiro?) is the overall main protagonist of the Big Hero 6 franchise, as well as the leader of the Big Hero 6 organization. Hiro is a half-Japanese, half-American boy who was raised with his older brother Tadashi in the city of San Fransokyo by their aunt Cass, following the death of their parents when Hiro was…

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