Growing quinoa

Learn how to successfully grow quinoa in your garden with these essential tips. Discover the best practices for cultivating quinoa and enjoy the satisfaction of harvesting your own nutritious grains.
Quinoa is a flowering annual plant grown primarily for its edible seeds. Learn how to grow and harvest your own quinoa with these gardening tips. #gardeningchannel #gardening #growingquinoa Gardening, Vegetable Garden, Compost, Fruit, Quinoa, Organic Gardening, Growing Vegetables, Design Seeds, Growing Quinoa

Pronounced “keen-wah,” this trendy grain is not a true grain at all because it does not come from the grassy plants we typically grow to harvest grains, such as wheat, oats, and barley. Unlike the grassy grains, the quinoa plant produces beautiful clusters of tiny dark red or purple flowers. Quinoa, a member of the […]

Donna Hampson