Granny square crochet pattern diagram

Learn how to crochet beautiful granny squares with our easy-to-follow pattern diagrams. Create stunning blankets, scarves, and more with these step-by-step instructions.
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Solid Granny Square Crochet Pattern & Variations

Solid Granny Squares are one of the most popular crochet square patterns crocheters love to make. Like other crochet squares, solid granny squares can be used as single pieces or joined up to make larger

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Granny Square Crochet Pattern Diagram (Easy to Read)

Use this Granny Square Crochet Pattern Diagram to make your first granny square! It is easy to read and makes crocheting a granny square easy!

Carol Vanmeerbeek
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Crochet granny square chart diagram pattern / Square #2

Do you want to crochet a baby girl blanket with 3D flowers? I think this pattern may work for you. This flower has only 6 petals, so this square looks different if you turn it by 90 degrees. Therefore, a blanket made using this crochet square will be more interesting. I wish I had more time to crochet all ideas I have for this square. I think it will be a very interesting blanket if you use one color as a background but make all flowers in different colors. Great idea for a leftovers…

Monica Rodriguez Lopez
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Crochet pattern

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