Geometry games

Engage your child's interest in geometry with these fun and educational games. Explore geometric concepts while having a great time playing and learning together.
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Geometry Activities and Games for Elementary Students

If you think back to high school, chances are you either loved geometry or hated it. But personally, I've yet to come across an elementary student who hates it! With so much time spent on number sense throughout the school year, geometry activities provide a refreshing change of pace.

Erika Ayala
Race Around the World Protractor Practice Game with FREE Printable angles Fun Math Games, Math Game, 5th Grades, Math Games, Fun Math, 4th Grade, 5th Grade

Race Around the World Protractor Practice Game with FREE Printable

If you've got a student that needs practice using his protractor, print up a couple of free, printable game boards and get ready to have some fun! Each player will draw a card and draw the angle stated on the card. The object of the game is to be the first player to get all around the world. Such an easy and fun way to practice working with a protractor!

Gale L.
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10 Math Dice Games for Kids: Addition, Multipication, Place Value & More

Fabulous for math revision, check out these 10 fun math dice games! Includes place value, number facts, fractions & geometry games played with dice.

Leigh-Ann Dozier
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Geometry Activities Students Love! (Upper Elementary Snapshots)

When it comes to math, geometry seems to be in a whole different league. Some kids fall in love with it instantly, while it seems challenging for other kids. One of the great things about geometry is

Megan D'Adamo