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Hello All, Today I will talk about the 6 general types of Ukrainian folk Costume. I have earlier referred to 5 types, but my more recent research has informed me that there are, in fact, 6. These costumes are distinguished by the type of women's lower body garment. The base, or foundation garment for all of these is the chemise, or sorochka. This was originally ankle length, and usually embroidered on the shoulder, upper sleeve, collar, cuffs, and often the hem. Traditionally, the sorochka…

FolkCostume: The 5 types of Russian folk Costume Patchwork, Jack Frost, Haute Couture, Regional, Costumes, Couture, Folk Costume, Folk Dresses, Russian Folk

Hello All, I made some reference in my last posting to the 5 types of Russian folk costume, and I thought that I would do a quick summary to introduce them. I should do the same for the 5 types of Ukrainian Costume. That will be forthcoming. These refer stictly to the women's costume. The men's costume does vary, but not a whole lot. Shirt, usually with opening on the side, usually on the left, pants, narrow sash, boots or footcloths with lapty, Overcoat. Type 1 Sarafan. I have seen this…

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