Flowering cherry tree

Enhance your garden with the beauty of flowering cherry trees. Discover top varieties and tips for planting and caring for these stunning trees in your outdoor space.
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Flowering Cherry Tree - Pink Blossoms | Creation Light Photography

Ornamental cherry trees flower but do not produce cherries. in the early spring, the buds on the tree bloom and fill nearly the entire tree with flower blossoms that range in color from white to pink depending on the cultivar. The blooms appear before the foliage. Once the blooming season is finished, the leaves will appear.

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How to Grow and Care for Flowering Cherry Trees—Plus, the Prettiest Ones to Plant

Here, learn how to grow and care for flowering cherry trees, a tree type with delightful pink or white blossoms that blooms all across the United States. Plus, discover some of the best cherry tree varieties to put in your yard.

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Weeping Cherry Tree: Everything You Need to Know

Weeping Cherries are a graceful trees with cascading branches that fill with pastel colors of pink and white. This is a wonderful addition to any property and can be maintained with the proper care. Come learn more!

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