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Discover the beauty of environmental art and its impact on the natural world. Explore top ideas to create stunning artworks that celebrate the environment and inspire a deeper connection with nature.
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I’m a professional illustrator with a strong fondness for political, social and human issues, with more than 10 years experience collaborating with several publications and companies across four continents. For a long time, I wanted to do a selection of my best works to show some of the problems afflicting the world nowadays.

Rajdeep Guha
41 Illustrations That Question Modern Society By An Iranian Artist Earth Art Drawing, Save Earth Drawing, Mother Earth Art, Earth Drawings, Pictures With Deep Meaning, Satirical Illustrations, Drawing Competition, Awareness Poster, Meaningful Pictures

The works of the Iranian illustrator Alireza Pakdel criticize the current patterns of behavior in society and propose a reflection on issues that are left aside by a large part of the modern-day population.

Marilu Alvarado-hernandez
Artist Highlights The Problems Of Our Society Through 30 Illustrations Art And Illustration, Art, Art Drawings, Illustrators, Sketch Book, Illustration Art, Artwork, Illustrations, The Artist

Just like Neo from The Matrix, we sometimes get a strange feeling deep in our guts that something is not quite right with the world. German artist Steffen Kraft, who also goes by the name Iconeo online, makes amazing social commentary pictures that highlight how ironic, weird and even hypocritical life can sometimes be.

Sarah Reeve

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