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E-paper display powered by NFC from smartphone (w/ Video)

(Phys.org) —Researchers from Intel, the University of Massachusetts and the University of Washington have teamed up to build an e-paper display that can be powered by the Near Field Communication (NFC) signal from a smartphone. Called a wirelessly bistable display tag, the device works by harvesting more energy from the NFC transaction than it consumes in converting the data it receives into an image on the display. The resulting device has been dubbed the NFC-WISP E-Ink Display Tag.

Avishek Singh
Music with Paper Electronics STEM/STEAM. Papier Machine Musical interactive booklet combines paper with electronics for Fun & Games with Creativity | Colossal Electric Diy Projects, Interactive Packaging, Paper Toy Design, Diy Library, Conductive Ink, Interaktives Design, Electronic Paper, Paper Circuits, Interactive Books

Papier Machine: A Book of Six Interactive Electronic Paper Toys — Colossal

We’ve seen a wide gamut of paper project books lately, from shadows and cameras to planetariums and architectural models. Joining the DIY library today is Papier Machine, a collection of six interactive electronic paper toys all gathered together within the pages of a book developed by a trio of French designers. The various experiments are silkscreen printed on perforated paper and activated by button cell batteries, conductive silver ink, metal marbles, and other electronic components…