Dramatic style

Transform your space with a dramatic style that showcases your unique personality. Explore top ideas to add flair and create a captivating ambiance.
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New BeginningsWe may experience many style evolutions in the course of our lives, which can come from the influence of celebrities, social media, travel & friends. This can make it difficult to identify our own personal style when we’re being pulled in ten different directions. STYLE TYPES Growing up in NY, studying in Italy & living in SH for the past 9 years, I felt that I needed to simplify my life. I’d become uninspired, not because of a lack of options but rather having too many. On a…

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Before we start the quiz, let's talk about Style Essences.So, what is a style essence? They are a perceptible reflection of your inner self with a mix of your clothing lines. It considers your "vibe" or the way you perceive the world, and how that is reflected on your outer self. How you act and

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-Most "C" answers with some "A" or "B" in the quiz.-Dramatic Classics are mainly Classics, balanced YIN and YANG, with YANG bone structure. They have an angular frame with classic body flesh and facial features. They can also have a balanced/ moderate body structure with YANG flesh or facial features. On women, the body can

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-Most "A" answers in the quiz.-Dramatics sit on the YANG side of the Kibbe scale and have no YIN influence. They have a very elongated figure, angular and sharp edges. It is characterized by a long and lean silhouette with sharp, angular features. They have a prominent bone structure, often with a long neck, narrow shoulders,