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Explore the world of diesel locomotives and discover powerful designs that will impress any train enthusiast. Find inspiration for your next model train project or learn about the history and technology behind these impressive machines.
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After enjoying Andy’s thread so much I thought I would try a thread on the 5 best looking or favorite electric locomotives. My 5 picks are as follows: 1. GG1 in Brunswick green and with 5 stripes is the best looking for all-time 2. P5a has similar character of a GG1 3. EP-5 Jet in the McGinnis paint scheme 4. E-44 always amazes me how nice a box can look 5. EP-4 very elegant So what are your top 5 electrics and why?

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i keep finding lists of locomotives planned but never built on trains magazine locomotives like the RB3600 , FG9 and ALCO C636P (pictured below ) i also found these MK5500AC , and MK6000AC and here is proof that these being planned In the early 1990s MK Rail , a long time locomotive remanufacturer, announced its plan to compete directly with Electro Motive Division ( EMD ) and GE Transportation Systems ( GE ) by beginning its own high-horsepower locomotive program, starting with a 5,000…

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Union Pacific’s fascination with large, single-unit freight locomotives did not end when it received the last of its 25 Big Boys in 1944. The railroad fielded fleets of powerful gas-turbine-electric and double-engined diesel locomotives in the 1950s and 1960s. [...]Read More...

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(first posted 12/5/2014) CC has already heard the story of Mallard, the world’s fastest steam locomotive and pride of the London and North Eastern Railway. But by 1960, Mallard and […]

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