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Last week to support Soundfall on fig! When trying to get my head around designing these abstract baddies, I asked my AD which would be what sort of roomate in a 90s sitcom. The resultant chat gave me juuust enough info to design on!

Chantal Malan
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"Sometimes I hear stories of the creatures known as werewolves, from the far north. In this land, the influence of the Gentle Mother breeds a very specific kind of feral wildlife, a fauna twisted by it's image. Be careful when traveling the countryside, not all the offspring of the Spider Goddess are meek." Instagram:

Romão Leão
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The Hecatoncheires (meaning "hundred-handed ones") are giants in Greek mythology that have 100 arms and 50 heads and were also the children of the Protogenoi Gaia and Ouranós. They represented the natural forces of earthquakes, tornados, and huge tidal waves. They didn't have elemental powers per se, but they are depicted as forces of nature that helped the gods win the war against the titans